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The Firm provides full legal services for the following areas of law:

Collective Bargaining
The negotiation, administration and enforcement of collective bargaining agreements is a union's most important function. The Firm serves as lead negotiator in local union negotiations and provides legal counsel in local and national negotiations. Depending on the needs and resources of the client, our attorneys can also act as as-needed advisors during contract negotiations.

The collective bargaining process has become a complex one in today's economy- particularly given that corporations try to force working families to shoulder the burden of skyrocketing health care costs, cheaper overseas labor, and large scale corporate abandonment of the fair and reliable defined benefit pension system. We have experience at juggling those and other issues to achieve fair and sustainable agreements.  

Through its representation of national and local unions and affiliates, the Firm advises union officials on countless grievances, has arbitrated hundreds of such grievances, and enforces contracts and/or arbitration awards in both federal and state courts.
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Employee and Retiree Benefits
The Firm's clients include multiemployer and single employer employer health/welfare and pension funds, 401(k), vacation, death benefit, and training funds. The Firm advises its union and organizational clients on benefits matters, helps clients bargain over benefits-related issues and consults with them about relationships with third-party service providers including investment advisors, managers and actuaries. The Firm also represents individual participants and participant groups in litigation, including class actions arising out of the administration of 401(k) plans, ESOPs and other plans. In addition, the Firm supports its organizational clients with plan design and implementation that complements their missions. Beins, Axelrod, P.C. attorneys are seasoned public speakers and are invited regularly to speak before groups and organizations about developments in the area of employee benefits.
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Individual Employment
Clients enjoy the Firm's expertise and success in employment discrimination, whistleblower, wage payment, and civil rights litigation and years of experience working with Washington, D.C. metropolitan area courts and administrative agencies as well as many national arbitrators and mediators. Consulting with clients early about the merits of their cases and the anticipated outcomes, the Firm designs and recommends settlements where appropriate. Firm clients include federal, local and state government workers, as well as individuals employed in the private sector and are employees from all walks of life - maintenance workers, university and college professors, engineers, librarians, paralegals, corporate executives, lawyers, nurses, and more. Matters ranging from discipline and discharge, to promotion, compensation, severance packages, restrictive covenants, and benefits are common issues. The Firm litigates regularly under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and its local and state law counterparts, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Employees Retirement Income Security Act ( ERISA ), federal and local Family and Medical Leave Acts, and federal and local whistleblower laws.
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Internal Union Affairs
As the Federal Government seeks to deregulate industry, the internal affairs of unions have become increasingly regulated. The Firm represents unions before a range of Federal and State administrative agencies and courts and in Department of Labor investigations challenging the results of internal union elections and trusteeship matters. The Firm represents and is skilled in navigating unions through investigations and litigation involving alleged breaches of fiduciary obligations by their officers. Jon Axelrod authored the Duty of Fair Representation section of the Bureau of National Affairs' Labor Union Law and Regulation treatise and has defended unions successfully in numerous fair representation cases.
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The Firm represents and advises its clients in all phases of litigation before administrative agencies, trial, and appellate courts, including before the United States Supreme Court. Additionally, the Firm represents its clients during investigations and audits conducted by various governmental agencies.
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The Firm represents and advises private and public sector labor organizations and affiliated entities in all aspects of collective bargaining and labor disputes on a nationwide level. The Firm’s attorneys regularly present cases to the National Labor Relations Board, various public employee relations boards, as well as to arbitration tribunals. The Firm provides strategic legal advice concerning Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act ( LMRDA ), strikes, picketing, demonstrations, and other types of labor disputes.
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Maritime Labor
The Firm specializes in representing labor organizations and individuals concerning labor and employment issues arising in the maritime industry. The Firm handles litigation before courts, arbitration panels and administrative tribunals, interacting with the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Maritime Administration, Military Sealift Command and other federal agencies.
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Public Sector Employment
The Firm represents public employee unions in matters involving collective bargaining, grievance arbitration, and interest arbitration. For Federal Sector unions, the Firm litigates before the Federal Labor Relations Authority, the Merit Systems Protection Board, the Office of Compliance, and the federal courts. For District of Columbia unions, the Firm litigates before the Public Employee Relations Board, the Office of Employee Appeals, the District of Columbia courts, and the federal courts. Client representation is not limited to the Washington, D.C. area - the Firm represents public employee unions before New York State, Delaware, Maine, and Vermont administrative bodies and courts.

Individual representation includes Federal, State, and District of Columbia public employees in discrimination cases, disciplinary matters, Fair Labor Standards Act litigation, whistle-blowing cases, adverse actions, disability, equal pay, overtime, and other matters.

The Firm prepares the official Index of Decisions of the District of Columbia Public Employee Relations Board (PERB).
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Entertainment Law
The Firm represents unions and employees in the entertainment industry in contract negotiations and litigation. Although such artists are not usually thought of in the same category as other "workers", they too have to fight hard to get fair and just compensation for their services, for a more democratic workplace, and to bring the best product to the public without undue interference from management. We help them accomplish those goals.
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